Photography has always been a language to me. It's an unspoken word or theme we shooters use to convey a thought or expression, it's talking without speaking. It's a visual thing with me.  
I am a native New Englander. Born and bred in New Hampshire, I have lived here my entire life. I like having 4 seasons and all their different looks. I would be bored living in a locale that has the same weather all the time. I have a thing for islands and oceans. Both of them interest me visually speaking. I enjoy visiting and shooting old ghost towns out west as well. I love traveling and always bring a couple camera bodies with me and a variety of lenses, both short, wide or long. Much of my stock work is now travel related, here in New England and around the globe.
 My work has been documented over the years by many local companies, including The Boston Globe, Newspapers and magazines in NH,  WBZ Radio, Boston,  and across the USA via The Associated Press. A portion of my work is repped by Adobe Stock and also Alamy Stock and parent company PA Media. You can also contact my office directly to work with me at: www.maloneyglobalmediacom

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