I have often been asked what attracts me to a location, or how I select a subject or viewpoint. So I have chosen a few shots from above for an explanation to all that wonder...Top left: Mural in Central NH. I love murals especially ones that are outdoors. Generally I do not go looking for them, I travel quite a bit and sometimes they pop up in my daily life. This particular mural was found by accident while driving around. It's located on the side of an old building on a very busy street with lots of traffic. I wanted to just drive by this scene put the window down in my Jeep and shoot while in a parked position for a minute. But as I took a better look of the scene, I noticed it was littered with a small amount of trash, parking meters, and a stairwell on upper right with a tree sticking out in the background.So I finally parked and walked closer to the scene here to get a really tight shot. Love the angles, color, verticals and the stairwell cropped tightly. 
Top Row, Center: Plum Island is off the coast of Newbury, Massachusetts and it's only 50 minutes from my house. Much of this coastal delight is filled with the Parker River Wildlife Refuge. It's located on the Atlantic Fly Zone for migrating birds year round. Salt Pannes, Plovers, wetlands, boats, Greenheads are all here including some old buildings as well. If you walk around a bit you never know what you will see. This was captured at the rear of an old utility building.  Love the gray bird's nest surrounded by weeds, plants etc. Kept a bit of the reflection in window on purpose.

Top: Far Right  This is the dining room at Campobello Island in Canada. It was the retreat for President Franklin Roosevelt. My hubby and I took a tour of the building and I was surprised by how small the rooms generally were, at least the bedrooms. I stayed in the back of the tour so I could snap a few shots without getting in anyone's way. The plates on display were perfectly shown in the rack as well as the tea cups hanging in unison.
Second Row on the far left: No one can resist a nice sunrise or sunset right? This is Frenchman's Bay at Bar Harbor. We generally venture up there once per year, and we book our hotel close to the water if possible. Large boats stop in the bay with plenty of visitors from Nova Scotia all the time. There's plenty to photograph here, all over the town including Acadia National Park.
Row 4, Second from left: SELT stands for Southeast Land Trust, a conservation group in NH that conserves and protects land use. Located on a quiet side road adjacent to a major highway. I shoot lots of water and water related locations because I do not hike mountains!  Visually I liked the shape and formation of this wetlands, and the blue and green against each other makes a nice color harmony.
Row 5, Far right: We decided to see Saranac Lake in person. It's a quiet, colorful town filled with the color red. How perfect. Located in the Adirondacks just up the road from Lake Placid and Olympic fame...this is downtown with all its twists and turns.

All imagery is under US Copyright to Gail Maloney, Maloney Global Media.
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