I have been color oriented since childhood. So it's not a mystery that I became a color photographer I guess. I search for primary and secondary colors in my everyday life and have created thousands of photographs since the early '80's. What can a photo do? A photograph can make you laugh and make you cry. It can educate and inform, and it may entertain and surprise you. Photographs can document historical events and the people that make those events happen, whether good or bad. A photo can capture the intimate details of the human body and brain for medical research, and help keep an eye on our environment. A photo can bring us closer to outer space, and deep down to the ocean floor. A photo can tell a story silently without words, prejudice or promotion. That's the beauty of photography, both past and present. I travel and create imagery around the world. You can lease or buy my imagery directly thru me via my website www.maloneyglobalmedia.com. And you can also lease my imagery thru my reps at: Adobe Stock in Canada and also thru Alamy Stock in the UK.
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